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Company Profile

The year was 1985, three young college buddies joined together to start a company selling jewelry. Though the backgrounds of these ambitious young men were totally different from jewelry they had one common goal and that was to be the best jewelry supplier in USA for a given category. The company was started with the goal of being the best and with the well-founded idea that if a customer is given the proper value and treated with respect and dignity by employees who value themselves with a high level of professionalism we can always be the best in any field of operation.

The company started by selling to retail stores all over the USA and after a few years started importing from Italy and Israel. In 1986, we hired our first employee and now the company employs more than thirty people. In the early years we gave credence to the statement, “JTS, The Place For All Your Jewelry Needs.” by carrying the many categories that a jewelry store requires, namely chains of all types, earrings, rings, bangles, and bracelets. A need for finding was felt amongst the independent jewelers and thus we introduced findings as part of our line as well.

We at JTS can proudly say that our selection of earrings is one of the largest in the country and especially earring with cubic zirconia, we are the undisputed leader in the industry. We also have an extensive line of crystal pendants and boxed sets. Our service and quality are second to none.

Since JTS focuses mainly on earrings, pendants, rings and body jewelry a factory was established in China and most of our items are now manufactured in that facility under strict guidelines. All items are quality and trademarked stamped and comes with an unconditional return policy. The 90’s also saw the emergence of India as a global jewelry manufacturer and a small casting factory manufacturing rings was set up in Bangalore, India. Then in 2002 this was closed down and the current factory in Dalian, China was established which at present is operating to its full capacity.

JTS prides itself in our commitment to our employees and secondly to our customer because we strongly believe that a happy employee will always help to keep the customers happy. After 25 years in business the founding principle is still strongly followed which has contributed to our success.